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  This page features links to other interesting fishing-related pages on the Web. You will find a rich resource of angling related web sites and suppliers that can enhance your fishing experience and help you find everything you'll need for a great fishing vacation!

This list Games & Software Links is not a complete list but intended only as a guide. If you know of additional links that you would like to see added to this page, Drop Us A Line at and we would be glad to add it.


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PC Games

*Activision - Zebco Pro Fishing 3D & Pro Fishing 3D Tournament Edition
*Alligator Software - Alligator Software makers of WinFish 1 - Lake Fishing their first title and the first-ever fishing game for the Windows platform, offer several titles of fishing gaming software as shareware & retail packages. WinFish 1 - Lake Fishing, WinFish 2 - Deep Sea Fishing, WinFish 3 - Fly Fishing.
*Championship Bass - Championship Bass is a highly realistic bass-fishing simulation. This fishing game incorporates level-based gameplay to challenge the skills of beginners as well as seasoned anglers. Dynamic camera movement allows several above-water and underwater views. Prepare for more challenging fights: these bass jump, shake.... PC and Playstation
*eGames Fishing - Explore and fish 30 one-of-a-kind lakes with eGames Fishing! All eGames software titles are Family Friendly This guarantees that all of eGames titles are non-offensive and appropriate for game players of all ages!
*FishSim - Realistic fishing simulation computer game for the personal computer. View screen-shots or purchase, also hints and tips.
*FlySim - FlySim is a new fly fishing game featuring sophisticated casting dynamics, realistic fish behavior, and full 3D environments.
*Fly Fishing the Green River - Educational fly fishing game software from Flylogic.
*Hot-B Fishing Games - Award-winning Black Bass and Blue Marlin fishing series for PlayStation, Game Boy & PC.
*Shark Bait - Shockwave fishing game (play online).
*THQ - Bassmasters Classic Tournament Edition - Realistic fishing simulation features 3D lakes and environments for your PC, THQ's signature underwater views and the best known fishing license - The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society.
*Trophy Bass 4 - Sierra's Trophy Bass 4 is a fun, challenging, and highly accurate bass fishing simulation based on real lakes, real lake conditions, and real bass behavior. Win95/98/2000, NT 4 with Service Pack 4

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PC Software

*The Angler's Log - Fishing CD for Win 95/98. Tracks trips, catches, specie ID, lake map browser, solunar tables, practical knots and more.
*BLS Outdoors - Offers several Windows software packages for anglers, including a catch log, a tournament manager and a solar/lunar calculator.
*C2C Digital Publishing - Software-based subscription service allows ocean anglers to map surface temperatures, tides, bottom structure and other data useful for locating fish. Windows95/98/2000
*CD Mapit - State contour lake maps on cd-rom for Wisconsin.
*Coastal Software Corporation - Makers of FishMapper, a chart plotting and offshore trip planning program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. Includes thousands of artificial reef and oil/gas rig locations.
*The Fisherman's Log - Fishing trip tracking software.
*Fishing Hot Spots Maps - New digital map series offers the company's popular marked fishing maps on CD-ROM. "Premier Lakes" coverage offered for several Southern and Midwest states.
*Fish 'inTime 2 - Predict the best fishing day and time each month has to offer, according to the Solunar Theory. Solunar Theory page and Demo download. Windows
*Fishing Simulator 2 - Realistic angling simulator.
*Fishing Simulator 2 - Official FS2 site with downloads and add-on's for a realistic UK style fishing simulator for the PC
*FishNet Fishing Software System - FishNet is a system for organizing your fishing experiences, using detailed atmospheric and water conditions.
*Fishing Diary & Database - Database-driven diary lets you record every detail of your angling outings. Runs on Windows 3.1 or later. Cool Site!
*GB Software - Fish Traker 3.5 A fishing log program that uses AI (artificial intelligence) technology to allow you to enter your catches, add or create maps and reports. Website downloading area for maps. Windows 3.1, 95/98® and NT. Shareware.
*Heuristic Research - FishByte Lunar Software calculates best fishing and hunting times based on moon and sun position, moon phase, game behavior, and the user's available time. Windows 95/98/2000/NT
*Maptech - Maptech makes digital, USGS topographic maps and NOAA nautical charts in the world and viewing and navigation software with GPS interface and 3D.
*Nautical Software - Offers electronic chart viewing and tide/current prediction software, some with GPS integration, and vessel management software. Windows and DOS versions.
*The Old Fishin' Tipster's Tackle Box CD - Bass fishing instruction for beginners or experienced fishermen.
*Reel Media Productions - Angler 2000 fishing tournament management software features multiple databases, photo ID's, and can even generate results as web pages and custom TV displays. Windows 95/98/NT.
*River Maps UK - Beautifully illustrated maps for the fisherman.
*Riverfish - Riverfish Screen Savers are a unique collection of sport fishing animations that turn your idle computer monitor into the underwater world of fishing. Windows.
*Sportsman's Connection Lake Maps - Lake map CD-ROMs for Windows95/98/2000 with detailed fishing information. Wisconsin and Minnesota versions. Also available in book form.
*Sportsman's Logbook - Track fishing, hunting, and trap shooting logs with software, search capabilities, statistical reporting, and more. Windows95/98/2000
*Strat-Tech - Fish Expert software for Windows95/98/2000/XP generates recommended fishing and boat control techniques based on user-defined target species, lake characteristics and current conditions.
*TaySys Software - Makers of Fish-N-Log, Tournament Keeper, Equip-N-Log software for keeping track of conditions and details. Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/NT
*Terrafin Software - FishBase anglers' log and ShipShape goat maintenance log software for Windows 3.1 and later.
*Topo-Log - Combines Fishing Hot Spots maps with user editing features and a built-in fishing log. Several southern states available. Windows95/98/2000.
*Tournament Tracker - Tournament tracking software intended for fishing clubs and others hosting tournaments. Runs on Windows 95/98/2000.

Fly Fishing

*The Art of Fly Tying - Art of Fly Tying Interactive CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh featuring stimulating multi-media sound, graphics and over 200 fly pattern quicktime movies.
*BLS Outdoors - The Fly & Catch Analyst and SkyCalc Windows®
*Elkwing Productions - Now offering their new CD-ROM "Fishing Flies of North America," an exciting interactive encyclopedia of over 1800 flies, including recipes and background information.
*Fine Line Classic Collection - FlyLab Classic Collection presents the ultimate software for any Fly Tyer "The Art of Flytying" with Close-up Quick Time Movies and Step-by-Step instructions.
*Fly & Catch Analyst - Whether you fly fish for Trout or Barracuda, these tools are claimed to enhance your angling experience.
*Flog - Fly Fishing Log (Flog) is a free software application designed specifically for avid fly fishing enthusiasts. Windows Freeware.
*Flywater Publishing - Flywater Interactive offers the fly fisher a comprehensive introduction to 50 of the Rocky Mountain's greatest trout rivers.
*Hatching The Match - A flyfishers and Flytiers electronic workbench for matching the hatch
*Nature Sounds of Scandinavia - CD with sound from the wilderness with birds, thunder and more.
*Rocky Mountain Fly Fisher - Interactive Fly Fishing Software on CD-ROM. Database, journal and information.
*SuperFly Fly Fishing Machine - Easy to use free fly-fishing software by Eli Robillard. Fly-tying patterns, insect database, hatch tables, trip logs, water body guide, notebook, and picture gallery. Cool Site!

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PalmPalm Pilot


*Araiguma Fishing X 10.4 - Arcade Style Game by Toshiya Fujii Version: 10.4 File Size: 36K Min. OS Reqd: 3.0 License: Freeware
*Global Star Software - Monster Bass for the Palm OS All you need is a PDA handheld and Monster Bass!


*E-Fish - Track vital fishing statistics on your Palm OS handheld device!

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Game Boy

*Hot-B Fishing Games - Award-winning Black Bass and Blue Marlin fishing series for PlayStation, Game Boy & PC.
*Natsume Legend of the River King - Most fishing games provide a detailed fishing simulation and nothing else, but Legend of the River King adds some role-playing elements to the mix that considerably freshen the gameplay. Apparently, you are searching for a legendary fish that can cure your sister's illness. But this weak storyline really just provides an excuse
*THQ - Bassmasters Classic Tournament Edition - Realistic fishing simulation features 3D lakes and environments for your PC, THQ's signature underwater views and the best known fishing license - The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. Game Boy color
*Billy Bob's Huntin' and Fishin' - This game is one of the best games out there.You are Billy Bob and his girlfriend won't fall in love with him unless he proves that he is a real sportsman.You get to fish and go hunting. You fish for Bass,Carp,Catfish and more.You hunt for game like Deer, Rabbit, Bear, And Turkey.When you fish tou got catch your own bait and chose

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