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  This page features links to other interesting fishing-related pages on the Web. You will find a rich resource of angling related web sites and suppliers that can enhance your fishing experience and help you find everything you'll need for a great fishing vacation!

This list of Ice Fishing Links is not a complete list but intended only as a guide. If you know of additional links that you would like to see added to this page, Drop Us A Line at and we would be glad to add it.

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Ice Augers and Ice Drills

*Ardisam Inc. - Eskimo Power Ice Augers, Ice Auger Accessories, Ice Shelters, Ice Shelter Accessories
*Hull's Ice Auger Sharpening - Ice Auger Sharpening Service: Quality service since 1966
*Jiffy - Jiffy ice drills This is the smooth-cutting-get-to-fishing-faster ice drill all anglers are looking for.
*Nebraska Ice Fishing Guide - Ice Fishing Guide - Baits and Lures, Ice fishing information - Baits,
*Strike Master Ice Augers - Manufacturers of the Lazer Mag power ice auger, Lazer hand auger, Mora hand auger, Polar Vision and ice fishing tools.
*Thorvie International - Commercial grade ice auger blade sharpener. Precision sharpen convex Mora ice auger blades, Jiffy and Eskimo right and left hand. Also sharpens the lazer ice auger blades

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Ice Chisels, Saws and Spuds

*Ardisam Inc. - Eskimo Accessories - Ice Chisels
*Fish's Ice Saw - Ice Saw
*Ice Saws - Can be used in place of spud bar and also saws holes or squares in the ice. Weighs 7 pounds.

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Sleds & Toboggans

*Boggans by Equinox - Fiberglass and polyethylene sleds for snowmobiles and ATVs.
*The Caddy Shack - Ice Huts Caddy Shack for all your ice fishing shelter needs. A one man all plastic shelter that doubles as a sled. When you get to your spot tip "The Caddy Shack" onto its end and you can sit inside nice and cozy and warm. Add a small sterno wick heater under the seat and be warm all day. New!
* The Fish-N-Tote - made to carry a fishing bucket, propane cylinder or bait pail. Portable Ice Fishing Shelters

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Ice Fishing Rods and Reels

*Berkley - Leading fishing tackle company

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Ice Fishing Rod Holders and Rod Stands

*Ice Fishing Buddy Fishing Tackle & Pole Holder - Unique fishing pole holder that's great for second rods and night ice fishing. Small family-owned U.S. business. The FISHING BUDDY SYSTEM - Ice Buddy Pole Holder
*HOOKSETTERS.COM - BULLWHIP Hooksetting Rod Holder and Build Your Own Hooksetting Rod Holder. Great for ice fishing.
*Hook Setting Rod Holder - Hook Setting Rodholder another great ice fishing rod holder.
*Lightnin-Strike - Automatic hooh-set and rod holders. Lightnin' Strike is a fishing rod holder with Automatic Hook-Set, alone or with its many accessories you'll catch more fish than ever!

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Ice Fishing Tip Ups and Traps

*Berkley - Leading fishing tackle company
*Jack Traps Ice Fishing Tip Ups - Ice fishing traps individually handcrafted in Maine. Features contact information.
*Jigging Buddy - Wind tip-up.
*National Sports Supply - National Sports Supply catalog with ice fishing stuff. Tip up components. Call or fax them for a catalog. Phone: 920-994-9218. Fax : 414-692-6382. (No hyperlink)
*NoneSuch Ice Fishing - Home of the NoneSuch Ice Fishing Trap. Your ice fishing solution. Unique looking ice fishing trap.

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Ice Fishing Strike Indicators and Tip Up Lights

*bbPie Electronics - Fishing tip-up light for night and ice fishing.
*Ice Buster Bobbers - Ice fishing bobbers can be cut to balance with your jig or bait for finesse fishing.
*Tip-up Light - Made by Danlo Company

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Fish Finders, Flashers & depth sounders

*Vexilar - FL-18 the Pro Pack. Marine electronics and accessories for the sport fisherman, including color flashers, LCD graphs, and handheld depth finders.

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Ice Fishing Jigging Machines

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General Ice Fishing Equipment and Supplies

*Abu Garcia
*Anglers Mart - Online Fishing Catalog Discount Prices - Ice Jigs, Ice Rods, Tip-Ups, Spring Bobbers, Ice Skimmers, Ice Creepers, Spearing Decoys and more by Bear Creek, K&E Tackle, Arnold Tackle, and Dot Lure Co.
*Anglers Outlet Home Page
*Berkley - Leading fishing tackle company
*The Bucket Buddy Company - Fishing accessories and products by The Bucket Buddy Company
*Cabela's -
*Canadian Tire Corp. - Canadian Tire Online: Shopping in Canada
*FISH DREAMS - Here is a usefull website containing phone numbers for fishing tackle manufacturers.
*Fish Factory
*Frabill, Inc. - Landing nets, seines, traps, tip-ups, portable ice shelters, live bait systems, worm care
*HT Enterprises - Ice Fishing - Tip ups and Ice Augers.
*Ice Fishing Tackle 98-99 Spectacular Sports. Fishing and outdoors supplies
*Ice FishKastaway's Baitsing
*Nils Master - World Class fishing lures from Finland by Finlandia-Uistin, Ice Auger, Ice Jigging gear.
*polarclaws - A tool to aid in escape should you fall through the ice.
*Shimano Fishing
*SLAMCO INC's Home Page
*Solar Ice fishing tip-up accessory - Used to maintain a hole while using your tip-up, pole or fish locator.

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Ice Fishing Huts and Shelters

*Ardisam Inc. - The Eskimo Ice Shelter
*The Caddy Shack - A one man all plastic shelter that doubles as a sled. When you get to your spot tip "The Caddy Shack" onto its end and you can sit inside nice and cozy and warm. Add a small sterno wick heater under the seat and be warm all day. New!
*Ice Fishing Shanties for winter fishing enthusiasts. - Featuring portable ice fishing houses & accessories in styles & sizes for everyone - from plastic and wood floors models, to sled styles & our do-it-yourself-kit houses. .
*Ice Fishing Shanty Plans - How to Build a Portable Ice Fishing Shanty. Nice set of detailed step-by-step plans with material/tool list and photos for only $4.99.
*Clam Accessories
*Frabill - Portable ice fishing shelters and accessories.
*Fish Houses - By Shoremaster Fabrics
* King Crow Fish Houses - Manufacturers of Deluxe Fish Houses on Wheels.
*Klave Industrial - Ice fishing fish houses.
*Ryans ATV Racks: Hand-E-House Portable fish house
*Shanty Plans - Easy to build. Blueprints $35. Cool Site!
*Ultra Shack, For Your Ice Fishing Comfort
*USL Inc. - Portable fish houses for mobile ice fishing.

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Heaters, Furnaces, Fans, Lights

*Real Goods Renewables and Jade Mountain - The largest retailer of renewable energy products in the world. A leader in environmentaly friendly and renewable energy products. Cool Stuff!
*All Day Heaters - Bucket Mount and Pedestal Heaters. Powered by those small propane tanks.
*Lazer & Handi - Heaters by StrikeMaster - 10,000 and 20,000 BTU vented fish house heaters.
*Mr. Heater Series Heaters - Propane Heaters - Sunflower Style.
*Master Portable Propane, Natural Gas, Kerosene Heaters Master Distributors; Order Online.
*Humphrey Gaslights - Gas Powered Lights.

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Ice Fishing Web Sites

*Canadian Ice Fishing Championship - Details on past and present ice fishing tounaments.
*Ice Fish Minnesota - Includes articles, forums, chat, lake maps, winter guides, and resort listing
*Ice Fishing the Outdoors - Ice Fishing directory, forums, chat, articles, hot spots, and tips.
*Ice Fishing World - Ice fishing tips for various species. Includes sections on ice fishing equipment and safety.
*Ice Leaders - Ice fishing information provided by pros. Leading edge ice anglers share their knowledge with you here. Find out what thousands like you already have.
*Ice Shanty - Jigging, tip-up and equipment tips and techniques, forums, realtime chat, fishing reports and conditions.
*Ice Team - An ice fishing organization. Includes ice fishing tourneys.
*National Ice Fishing Association - National Ice Fishing Association.
*Northern Arizona Ice Fishing Page - Information and safety advice on ice fishing in the White Mountains.
*On Ice Tour - Tips and articles.
*Up the Creek icefishing - Icefishing up the creek.

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